Magknight Updates 787 to v1.7 (XP11)

Magknight, a well-known X-Plane aircraft developer, has earlier today released an update one would consider major. The release announcement was made through the developer’s Discord server. While it does not bring the highly-anticipated custom FMC or the new wing models, it still does feature some worthwhile improvements and fixes.

The update brings the aircraft to version 1.7. and features improved fuselage and cockpit art, improved fuel system, automatic checklists, enroute CPDLC/ACARS using Hoppie, and various improvements and fixes throughout the addon.

To be a bit more specific with what the update brings, the LCD screen effects were improved in the cockpit, additional GPU models were added together with extra cargo doors, or animations were added for the keyboard buttons.

Additionally, pump load shedding and crossfeed systems were improved, and, as mentioned before, automatic checklists were added defined on a per-livery basis that autocomplete and are integrated with the cabin announcements. For flight simmers who enjoy long-haul flights, the new update allows CPDLC and Oceanic clearance requests.

The update can be dowloaded either through the SkunkCrafts Updater, or by downloading the new files from the store where you purchased the aircraft. If you don’t own the aircraft, you can purchase it through the Store for €44.95.

Changelog (v1.7)

Improved fuselage and cockpit art

  • Screen LCD effect
  • Reduced animation time on most buttons
  • Extra cargo doors
  • Cockpit hatch
  • Additional GPU models
  • New (brighter) external lights
  • Animations for keyboard buttons
  • Window lines, pillar seals and HUD glass changes

Improved fuel system

  • Automatic fuel Jettison
  • Crossfeed
  • Pump loadshedding
  • Better primary pump selection
  • Various small fixes and improvements

Automatic checklists

  • Automatic checklists, defined on a per-livery basis
  • Autocomplete for checklists
  • Standard normal checklists included
  • Intergration with cabin announcements


  • Added freetext to various pages
  • Logon, logoff, responses and freetext messages supported
  • Oceanic and CPDLC clearance requests
  • Improved resilliance
  • Station status shown on logon/request pages
  • Simbrief uplink for aircraft loadout, configuration and flightplans

Various other feature requests and improvements

  • Toe brake animations
  • Reversers moving the throttles
  • EFB QNH inHg/hPa auto-detect
  • On-the-fly reload of cabin soundpacks
  • Added message info box to COMM
  • STORED VHF improvements
  • EFB error showing when EFB off
  • QNH Pressure range
  • Gear doors automatically deploy after takeoff
  • Improved NWS control logic
  • Brake temperature simulation
  • GEAR EFIS page
  • Full spoilers command order ([#502]

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