Majestic Software Announces Visual Extension Pack for Q400

Majestic Software has yesterday taken to their forums to officially announce and preview the upcoming Visual Extension Pack for the Q400 addon for Prepar3D. As the product name may suggest, the pack will generally improve the visual side of the aircraft.

While still cranking code on the TRAINING Edition, we have been developing a “Visual Extension Pack 2021” for the Q400 with a few of the suggested items requested a few months ago.

Kroswynd through Majestic Software forums

The pack is currently in the beta testing stage which is going rather well thus far. While there is still some minor tweaking that needs to be done, most of the things on the pack are already done.

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Once released, we can expect the pack to bring PBR materials to the exterior model and virtual cockpit, more realistic modelling of the passenger cabin with “Seatbelt” and “No Smoking” indicators simulated, or new simulated reflections on the cockpit controls and switches for better night visibility.

Additionally, True Glass library from TFDi Design will be integrated into the aircraft with the expansion pack for realistic precipitation effects on the windshield, and last but not least, visible wheel chocks, pitot tube, and engine intake covers will be added to the aircraft model while parked, the resolution of the exterior markings will be improved, and the landing, approach, and taxi lights will receive some improvements as well.

The price of the expansion was not disclosed by the developer. It was however mentioned, that the release is expected to happen in the following weeks to come.

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Feature List

  • Improved realism due to usage of PBR materials for the exterior model and the virtual cockpit
  • Improved visual model smoothness
  • Textures adjustments for better detailing of the airframe elements
  • More realistic modeling of the passenger cabin with seatbelts/no smoking indicators simulated
  • Visible wheel chocks, pitot tube, and the engine intake covers while parked
  • Visible wing supports in a case of damage wheel/landing gear assembly
  • improved resolution of the exterior markings
  • Several improvements of the virtual cockpit markings resolution
  • Improved virtual cockpit night lighting
  • Added simulated reflections on the cockpit controls and switches for the better night visibility
  • Improved landing/approach/taxi lights
  • Integrated True Glass library from TFDi for the realistic precipitation effects on windshield
  • Includes bonus Fly Baboo livery

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