6.5.2024 – 12:17z

Majestic Software Publishes Q400 2024 Development Update for MSFS

Majestic Software published a new development update for their Q400 project a few days ago. Through the Majestic Software website, he spoke about a range of topics, including changes and challenges in the development of their Q400, Q300 and Q200. 

2024 for Majestic Simulations

Majestic Simulations said 2024 had been a busy year, and they experienced multiple changes and challenges surrounding their business model. Work in the 3D design area was put on hold as their designer can no longer continue to work with them. 


Majestic Sim realized that the only elements they could carry forward from the existing Q400 were the system’s core logic and some sounds. They will have to re-design everything else from scratch in the MSFS environment.

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Present State

Majestic Software mentioned that they have reworked all the EFIS screens and integrated their custom flight dynamics into the MSFS aircraft. Additionally, they introduced an EFB which will be available to both the MSFS and P3D versions and will include Navigraph Charts integration. 

Possible Release

A timeline for this project was not discussed at the time of writing, to avoid giving false hope on a release date. They announced that they will not partner with any other developer and that the “close to completion” state will not be reached until sometime in 2025. 

About the de Havilland Dash 8 Q400

The Dash 8 Q400, also known as the Q400, by De Havilland Canada is a versatile and efficient twin turboprop airliner. It can accommodate 68 to 90 passengers and has an active noise control system for a quieter experience. It can operate from shorter runways, making it ideal for regional airlines. The Dash 8 has various variants, including standard passenger transport, freighter conversion (-402PF), and maritime patrol (MPA-D8).

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Closing notes

The Majestic Simulations team will update us on their progress when there is significant information/progress to share. FSNews will also keep you informed about any news related to the project. If you would like to learn more about this project and check out some screenshots, please take a look at this article.

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