11.8.2021 – 17:03z

Majestic Software Releases Visual Extension Package for the Q400

The team at Majestic Software has recently quietly released the Visual Extension Package for the Q400 addon from them for Prepar3D. The Visual Extension Package is compatible with all currently available editions of the aircraft -Pilot and Pro.

The package promises to bring, for a decent price of €19.95 with taxes excluded, a whole new visual experience to the aircraft featuring PBR materials added to the exterior model and virtual cockpit, improved passenger cabin with “Seatbelt” and “No Smoking” indicators simulated, or new reflections to the cockpit controls and switches that will be especially visible while flying during the nighttime.

Additionally, True Glass from TFDi Design was also integrated into the aircraft with this new package for more realistic precipitation effects on the windshield, and some textures were adjusted for better detailing of the airframe elements.

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The developers at Majestic Software as well integrated visible wheel chocks, pitot tube and engine intake covers while the aircraft is parked and visible wing supports in case of damaged wheel or landing gear assembly. The complete feature list of the package can be found below in the article.

The package can be purchased through SimMarket for the previously mentioned price of €19.95 with taxes excluded. Majestic Software Q400 is required in order for the package to work properly.

Feature list

  • Improved realism due to usage of PBR materials for the exterior model and the virtual cockpit
  • Improved visual model smoothness
  • Textures adjustments for better detailing of the airframe elements
  • More realistic modelling of the passenger cabin with seatbelts/no smoking indicators simulated
  • Visible wheel chocks, pitot tube and the engine intake covers while parked
  • Visible wing supports in a case of damage wheel/landing gear assembly
  • Improved resolution of the exterior markings
  • Several improvements of the virtual cockpit markings resolution
  • Improved virtual cockpit night lighting
  • Added simulated reflections on the cockpit controls and switches for the better night visibility
  • Improved landing/approach/taxi lights
  • Integrated True Glass library from TFDi for the realistic precipitation effects on windshield
  • Includes bonus Fly Baboo livery

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