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Mango Studios Addresses A350 V2 Sound Pack

In a message on their Discord server, Mango Studios’ Epicdonut has updated on the upcoming A350 V2 sound pack for the FlightFactor’s A350 as well as on the currently available 757 and 767 sound packs, also for the FlightFactor’s depictions of the aircraft.

The A350 V2 sound pack development is progressing well. Most of the sounds are complete, and up to the satisfaction of the developers. As Epicodonut himself wrote, the V2 “is light-years ahead of what you have experienced in the V1“.

As of writing this article, no feature list or expected release date was given by the developers. However, a two-minute video preview was shared and can be seen below.

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Epicdonut also addressed the 757 and 767 sound packs which have not been updated for a while as the primary focus was on the A350 V2 sound pack. With that being said, Epicdonut has confirmed that he is working on a major update for the products fixing a handful of issues he came across.

Until all three previously mentioned products are released or updated, the Mango Studios do not plan on developing any new sound packs.

If you want to purchase one of theirs sound packs, you can browse their portfolio through SimMarket.

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