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Mango Studios Relases New E-Jets Soundpack

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Last month epicdonut, founder of Mango Studios, showcased work over the new E-Jets Soundpack for the Embraer E170, E175, E190, and E195 by X-Crafts. This week, the add-on has been released to the community and is ready to enhance your experience of flying the E-Jets. The developer states that the soundpack will receive a free Lineage 1000 upgrade once it is released by X-Crafts.

Mango Studios Soundpack features

The soundpack features custom-made sounds for the aircraft’s exterior such as APU, hydraulic pumps, packs, environmental sounds including light and hard rain, and more. Custom engine sounds including start-up/shut-down and spool-up/spool-down for both the exterior and the interior are also part of the product package. In the cabin, every sound is custom-made, providing an immersive soundscape.

Without a doubt, the most interesting, and surprising for many people, feature is their custom-made plugin to bring flying immersion to a whole different level. It provides co-pilot callouts such as 80 knots, V1, Rotate, and Gear Up. Optionally you can also add the V2 callout during the installation.

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Final thoughts

The work of Mango Studios is available for you to purchase on the X-Plane store for the price of USD 19.99. If you are keen on buying the soundpack but you don’t own the entire X-Crafts fleet, Mango Studios offers each jet separately for USD 7.99 on the Mango Studios website. For more flight simulator news check out our other articles at FSNews.eu.

E-Jets soundpack preview

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