21.6.2023 – 08:06z

Mesmerising MSFS City Update II: France and Latécoère 631 Released

Continuing their series of developments, Microsoft Flight Simulator has now released City Update II: France and Local Legend 09: Latécoère 631.

The MSFS development team have said that this new free update includes the capture of five cities: Amiens, Angers, Nantes, Nîmes, and Reims. Also included in this update, to celebrate the Paris Air Show, the famed Paris–Le Bourget Airport (LFPB) in both standard and festival configurations is also available.

Features of City Update II: France

Highlights of the individual cities included in the update:

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  • Amiens, home to the Amiens Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in France, is featured in this update.
  • Angers includes its renowned Angers Cathedral in its black and white-walled castle.
  • Nantes, features its myriad architectural displays along the Loire River and the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany.
  • Nîmes, displays its Roman-era architecture, including the Arena of Nîmes – the amphitheatre is famed for still hosting live shows.
  • Reims, hosting some of the best French Gothic architecture, including the Reims Cathedral.

The new city update clearly demonstrates the continued commitment to constant progress towards perfecting Microsoft Flight Simulator since its release in 2020. All features of this new update are high-quality and add another level of immersion to your flight simulator.

The New France City update is available to anyone who owns a copy of MSFS; user versions must be updated to

Local Legend 09: Latécoère Model 631

On top of the City Update, MSFS has also released the Local Legend 09: Latécoère Model 631. This aircraft is an all-metal, high-wing, six-engine flying boat. The Microsoft Flight Simulator development team have once more given the community a high-quality aircraft that suitably fits the new city update. This aircraft which first flew in 1942, remained the largest flying boat until the American H-4 Hercules which only flew once in November 1947, and the British Saunder-Roe Princess which flew in August 1952; the Latécoère flew through to the mid-1950s as a trans-oceanic flying boat airliner.

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More on the update can be found on the MSFS website alongside a video previewing the features in more detail.

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