Microsoft Flight Simulator Anniversary Edition Announced

Microsoft, along with Asobo Studio, announced a new Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The announcement was published via the XBOX News website.

This new edition is going to introduce helicopters, some aeroplanes well-known from the franchise, as well as a new study-level plane by iniBuilds – the A310. As Flight Simulator is Microsoft’s longest-running franchise, it is going to celebrate forty years since its beginnings.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Anniversary edition is going to be available this year in November. The upgrade to this edition is going to be completely free for all current users of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Speaking of free, the A310 by iniBuilds is going to be included in this edition, for free for everyone. It is important to know that iniBuilds initially released A310 for XP11, at the price of approximately €81.

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Among the historical aircraft, Asobo Studio is going to release Wright Flyer, Ryan NYP, Dougless DC-3 and DHC-2-Beaver. Furthermore, the update is going to bring Bell-407 and Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopters. Lastly, there are going to be two gliders – DG Flugzeugbau LG8-18 and DG10001E neo.

Along with the announcement of the new edition, Asobo Studio, together with 343 Industries, released a fictional Pelican add-on from the well-known Halo franchise. Pelican is a futuristic spacecraft, which is available in Halo, and you can now fly it in Flight Simulator as well.

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If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can read our other articles here.

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