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Microsoft Flight Simulator Developer Update (28.05)

The Asobo Studio developers shared, as usual, the Thursday development update, obviously regarding the development and showing off the main features to the community. This update is mainly focused on the IFR flying in the Feature Discovery video, future alpha invitations and some things regarding the alpha updates.

As noted in our recent articles, the developer provided us with the Feature Discovery Series #8 today, that will be mainly concerned about the IFR flying in the simulator.

In the 12 minute video, the developer speaks about the navigation data, ATC, flight planning, and flight systems. The NavBlue (airac cycle used by MSFS) will be providing the simulator with new cycles every 28 days, with all the features required. You’ll also be able to change the flight plan directly in aircraft, not only in the menu. The airliners will have detailed MCDUs and systems from default.

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The next thing the developer was talking about was the ATC and communication. The ATC will be as much realistic as possible, using SIDs and STARs, waypoints, etc. For an instrument practice, there is the weather radar available by default, which will notify us about the rough weather in our area. The weather can be set in the menu or we can use real-time weather. If you do something unexpected like landing without clearance, ATC will temporarily suspend departures and arrivals for that airport. Some AI planes will also go around.

In the development update also the developer showed off the feedback snapshot by the community, shared some more screenshots from the Tech Alpha pilots and talked about the Tech Alpha 3 patch coming soon.

In the patch there will be some bug fixes with peripherals and flight controls, the developer will update the cockpit of B747, fix the crash after selecting a custom profile, and more invitations will be sent out today.

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