Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update (July 2nd)

Microsoft Flight Simulator developers have shared a usual Thursday development update regarding the development, alpha testing or the screenshots from the community. Also, the developer introduced a new partnership.

The developer shared this update through Microsoft Flight Simulator website, as usually. In the upcoming days, we can expect a new Alpha version (Alpha 5), which is coming on July 9th, full patch notes will be, however, shared together with the release.

It also was announced that closed beta of MSFS is coming soon, and as Alpha 5 will get released, the developers will focus on Closed Beta release. They would like to announce the official release date of closed beta on July 9th.

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As already mentioned, the developer shared a new partnership series update. In this one, they introduced FlightAware. It is an aviation intelligence company that provides real-time predictive flight insights to all the biggest players in aviation. They are getting datas from thousands of sources all over the world and then they are putting it into simulator with Machine Learning and AI to give the most accurate predictions on where a flight is and where it’s going.

FlightAware is also offering a FlightFeeder box, for people who live in areas where FlightAware needs a better coverage for free.

With this FlightAware data, Asobo Studio will be able to provide us with the most accurate AI aircraft comparing to the real world directly in the simulator.

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Asobo Studio also opened an official Discord server, where you can chat with other people interested in flight simulator, and if you are an Alpha tester, you can verify and chat with other Alpha testers.

The source of this article can be found on Flight Simulator website.

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