Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Updates Scaled Back

Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) team has today made an unexpected announcement/development update on the official website saying, that further development updates will be scaled back due to the recent health concerns. Although it has not been confirmed, it is probable to be caused by the coronavirus situation.

In light of recent health concerns, we’ve asked the team to focus on their health and well-being. As a result, our normal development updates will be scaled back over the next few weeks as we continue to monitor the situation.

A bunch of screenshots has been also shared by the alpha participants. A selection of them can be seen below.


  • Timeline update for pre-release build testing (e.g. Alpha, etc.).
  • Update on a new Alpha build that is coming very soon.
  • Update on next round of Alpha invitations.
  • Feature Discovery Series Episode 8 (still tracking to a March 12th release).
  • DR Roadmap update preview for April/May (this is going to be worth paying attention to).
  • Feedback Snapshot update preview.
  • Partnership Series update.
  • SDK update.
  • Feature Discovery Series update.