Milviz Releases PC-6 Porter for MSFS

Milviz has recently released their rendition of PC-6 Porter aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The announcement has been made through their Facebook page and the aircraft is now available through their website for approximately €25.63.

PC-6 Porter is a general aviation aircraft manufactured in the 60s of the last century. The production ended in 2019, and it is one of the favourite civilian, as well as military aircraft.

The Milviz rendition of this aircraft has to offer high-resolution interior and exterior textures with high-quality PBR, detailed animations throughout the entire aircraft, configurable external fuel tanks, accurate sounds, two various cabin configurations or highly detailed tablet. The aircraft also comes with 8 HD liveries provided by the developer. It is, however, equipped with default Microsoft Flight Simulator avionics with minor modifications to suit PC-6 properly.

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Feature List

  • High resolution interior and exterior model, with high-quality PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials used for realistic effects and reflections.
  • Detailed animations throughout the aircraft, including cabin and cockpit doors, storm windows, trap doors, windshield blinds, instrumentation, and more.
  • External interactive details such as chocks, tie-downs, and covers lend a sense of purpose and immersion to your start-up and shutdown experiences.
  • Skis can be outfitted on the PC-6 to allow for exciting adventures off of the beaten path!
  • Functional trap doors complete with the visual effect of dropable cargo!
  • Configurable external fuel tanks with properly emulated fuel pump behaviour and annunciations.
  • Dynamic and fully adjustable cockpit and cabin lighting for atmospheric night flying.
  • Professionally recorded sound set from a real-world PC-6 specifically for this release so as to provide the utmost in immersion.
  • Fully supports MSFS visual icing effects. The PC-6 is not rated for flight into known icing conditions, so be cautious!
  • Two distinct cabin configurations for hauling either passengers or cargo.
  • A highly detailed tablet is present in the aircraft to allow for in-depth configuration of your flight, including randomized passenger loads and a dynamic cargo system that adjusts the loaded weight and visual appearance in an intuitive manner.
  • Fully interactive checklist based on proper standard procedures for the PC-6. Includes custom camera behaviour for ‘walkaround’ interactivity with external aircraft elements!
  • Accurate flight behaviour, including realistic stall modelling and beta simulation. The beta mode can be entered into under correctly controlled circumstances while in flight to allow for heart-stopping dives while staying within the allowable range for flaps extension.
  • Correctly replicated turboprop start-up requirements have been implemented, allowing for varying ITT temperatures, up to and including catastrophic hot starts!
  • Engine behaviour has been tuned and tested within the limitations of the default turboprop simulation to allow for a believable and approachable emulation of the well known PT6A-27.
  • Custom skydiving altimeter included in the passenger configuration which is able to be zeroed to field elevation.
  • Equipped with default avionics (G1000, KAP140, KR87 ADF) to allow for a wide range of functionality while providing a path for future simulation capabilities.
  • 8 HD liveries

If you are interested in learning more about the work of this developer, you can check out our other article here.

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