Milviz Releases Their First Aircraft for MSFS

Last time mentioned about a month ago, Milviz has recently released their first aircraft addon for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Bringing Vough F4U to the new platform, the addon promises to offer superior flight dynamics and detailed simulation.

This is achieved by featuring custom soundpack, painstakingly modelled both exterior and interior, atmospheric night lighting and custom effects, or interactive checklists as well as a manual.

Additionally, optional external fuel tanks are present in the addon together with 21 HD liveries and an option to use War Emergency Power throttle settings which is typical for the aircraft.

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The addon can be purchased through the developer’s website for $39.99 or about €33.64 after the currency conversion.

Vough F4U is an American fighter aircraft actively used during World War II and the Korean War. The aircraft was designed as a carrier-based aircraft and quickly after first delivery became one of the most capable carrier-based bombers.

Milviz should, based on previous posts, work on an 737-200 as well as T-50, DHC-2, B-55 and 310R for Microsoft Flight Simulator. No new information was though shared on those topics for a longer period of time.

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