Even though Milviz is mainly Prepar3D aircraft developer he has few X-Plane 11 products as well. And we got chance to review their Cessna T310R for X-Plane 11. I would like to say thank you to Milviz for giving us this aircraft to review.


Interior design in T310R is actually really good. On the left side of cockpit, we can see vertical speed indicator, airspeed indicator, altitude indicator and the current state of engines. In the middle, we have radio controls and Garmin GPS and finally on the right side, we can see for example rpm indicator, fuel volume, temperature indicator and more indicators which I don’t wanna waste space with 🙂 On the middle console, there is engine throttle and mixture control. I’ve seen many people praise the rain effect in T310R, but in my opinion, that’s one of few things that can be better, but we can’t blame Milviz for this since the effects are from 3rd party developer. When you’re taking off with “wet” window the raindrops just slowly disappear and in my opinion, it would be much better if Milviz would add some effect of the drops going away with the wind.

Milviz T310R XP11 Review - X-Plane, Reviews


In case of the exterior, there is nothing I could complain about. The detail Milviz put into this plane is amazing. Liveries included with the plane are also in high quality. Generally, there is nothing I could complain in case of the exterior.

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Milviz T310R XP11 Review - X-Plane, Reviews


I personally like the UI this plane has and in my opinion, every developer should add something like T310R has to their products. Are you asking why? There are features like adding/removing chocks from the gear, but mainly what I like is the ability to change liveries through the UI. You can also pick the desired GPS, but I don’t consider that the most interesting.

Milviz T310R XP11 Review - X-Plane, Reviews


Designed for X-Plane 11

  • Optimized for X-Plane 11 engine and handling behavior
  • Inclusion of PBR materials and textures
  • Advanced FMOD sounds inside and out

High Quality Textures & Modeling

  • Physical Based Rendering (PBR) materials and textures for superb real-time reflections and shine
  • Exterior and interior rendered with exacting detail and precision
  • High resolution, beautiful textures with realistic weathering effects
  • Smoothly animated parts inside and out

Realistic Simulation of the T310R

  • Behaviour designed to closely simulate the real world
  • Authentic turbo performance and handling
  • Realistic fuel load and tank capacities
  • Realistic weight & balance

Advanced Autopilot System

  • Autopilot mimics real world behaviour, requiring hands-on operation
  • Simulation of VOR station ‘Cone of Confusion’ when approaching VOR station, requiring monitoring and switching from NAV to HDG to maintain proper course
  • Authentic servo behavior reflecting realistic speed and accuracy

GPS Configuration Options

  • FPS friendly X-Plane GNS 530 & GNS 430 included by default
  • Includes support for RealityXP’s GTN 750* & 650* integrated into the 3D cockpit
    (* RealityXP products not included; may not be available for all operating systems.)

Custom Aircraft Panel

  • In-game menu panel allows for display of ground elements, switching liveries and changing the GPS displays


In conclusion, Milviz has done an excellent job with this aircraft. The only thing that they should improve is in my opinion raindrop effect, but that is just a small detail. If I was supposed to rate this aircraft from 0 to 10 I would give it a deserved 9. Why 9 George if you found just 1 small detail? Because of the price. In my opinion, 40 USD for propeller aircraft like this is too much.

If you want buy this Cessna T310R, you can do so in Milviz store.

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