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Mission Hub by Flightsim Studio AG Released for MSFS

In recent flight simulator news, Flightsim Studio AG posted a stunning video of their Mission Hub activity for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Take control of your Tecnam P2006T and explore the beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps.

A Little About Mission Hub

Mission Hub is a free add-on for simmers who own the Tecnam P2006T. One example of missions that pilots could fly is the Avialpes mission. The Avialpes mission has pilots explore the French Alps mountains along with lakes, villages, and even some mountain peaks. Currently, Mission Hub is only available for the Tecnam P2006T, but Flightsim Studio AG has stated that they intend to bring this product to their future fleet of aircraft. This product is the perfect substitute for those simmers who would like something different from virtual airlines.

The product has multiple realistic operators along with their liveries. The product is integrated in-game, so there is no need for more applications. The add-on has auto recording, meaning pilots will not have to worry about forgetting to hit the start button. While flying, pilots will be able to see their GPS routes right on the EFB in their aircraft. This product is built for both PC and Xbox and is free of charge.

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Insight into the Missions

The first mission will have pilots fly around beautiful Annecy Lake in the glacial region of France. During this flight, pilots will see a stunning tourist destination with numerous hiking trails which will keep you looking outside the whole flight. The second mission thrusts pilots into a 30-minute flight circumnavigating the Aravis Mountain Ranges before circling back to Annecy Lake. The third mission brings pilots to yet another lake, navigating Lake Geneva, followed by the spa town of Thonon les Bains. For both Mission Four and Five, pilots will have the opportunity to fly around Mont-Blanc and the surrounding area. The last mission in the Avialpes pack includes a 75-minute flight around Lake Geneva before concluding at Mont-Blanc.

About Flightsim Studio AG

Flightsim Studio AG has brought multiple hand-crafted products to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Currently, they have three aircraft for MSFS. The Tecnam P2006T is a beautiful twin-engine prop with amazing detail. For those pilots who enjoy amphibious aircraft, check out their SeaRey Elite for MSFS. Their most notable aircraft are the ERJ 170 and 175. The aircraft is currently in early access and receives a new update every two weeks. Flightsim Studio AG has made great strides on the aircraft, and in the future, they plan on bringing the ERJ 190 and 195.

Along with aircraft, Flightsim Studio AG has released multiple sceneries for MSFS and X-Plane. They hand-crafted a beautiful Stuttgart Airport Scenery for X-Plane. For MSFS, they have built two stunning airports, St. Peter-Ording and Heide Büsum.

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Flightsim Studio AG released Mission Hub free of charge and to be used while flying their Tecnam P2006T. The Tecnam P2006T is available on Aerosoft’s online store for €29,37. To stay up to date on all news, releases, and more for Microsoft Flight Simulator, check out our website.

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