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MK-Studios Development Update

MK-Studios only few minutes ago shared their development update on their Facebook page. They are talking about future of Dublin, Tenerife North, Rome, Mallorca, Lisbon and Lanzarote. Also some info about Microsoft Flight Simulator is taking it’s part.


Considering the post, dublin was succesfully exported and started it’s beta testing as expected. Process of developing continues and some fixes are being applied. The textures of the ground and terminal are going to be full-PBR, which is nice to announce. By that way, there shouldn’t be any problems with exporting the scenery to more modern engines.

Tenerife North

The scenery is completed and export is scheduled after Dublin release. Because of the Tenerife South v2, the scenery has been delayed due to some fixes of the compatibility with that scenery. It should work flawlessly now and airport will have PBR textures.

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Rome v2

There is not any information about the development. MK-Studios said that they are going to release more information in middle of 2020.

Palma De Mallorca

MK-Studios stated it should have at least the Dublin quality. There should be entire island covered, it should be Full-PBR and might be released by the end of 2019 or by start of 2020.

-XP11- Lisbon and Lanzarote

Sceneries were updated. Updates should improve performance of both sceneries, especially at night.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

MK-Studios is looking forward to the simulator, but they are not able to talk about it yet. Since it’s too early for it.

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For further information, please follow MK-Studios Facebook page.

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