MK-Studios Lisbon v5 Previews and Development Information

MK-Studios has today shared some previews of their Lisbon scenery for Prepa3D v5, together with a development information about it. In the Facebook post, the developer speaks about the compatibility and new features coming very soon to the scenery.

First of all, the developer noted that the Lisbon for Prepar3D v5 will be available soon and will provide us with an update for the Prepar3D v4 version as well. In the update, the developer will improve the satellite blending, satellite watermask, change the wet FX, afcad of closed runway 35/17, SODE error in v5 and increase the runway brightness.

Also, the developer talked about that they think of making a whole new scenery of Lisbon – Lisbon v2, that they want to stark to work on very soon, as the airport changed very much in real life. The airport and surrounding area will get a very big update with the release of Lisbon v2, that is not scheduled yet.

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Yet, these aren’t the only things the developer talked about in this developer update. We can expect more shots of Tenerife vol.1 tomorrow, the airport should receive a big update very soon as well, the things updated there should be things such as a new high-quality mesh, satellite imagery and more.

Some of the smaller things mentioned, the developer is going to work on Donegal airport, we can expect a small update for Keflavik, which will provide us with animated traffic at the airport, and we can expect some previews of Rome and Helsinki in June.

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