MK-Studios Updates Helsinki for P3D and Previews Keflavik and Helsinki in MSFS

Flight sim development group, MK-Studios has recently come out with some news regarding their Helsinki and Keflavik sceneries for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Amongst all the news from MK-Studios comes the update of Helsinki Airport (EFHK) for P3D. The update includes mainly a plethora of stand/jetway fixes and updates for the scenery. As well as previewing Keflavik and Helsinki in the relatively new Microsoft Flight Simulator, MK-Studios is one of the many developers starting to lean toward the new simulators scenery development, and we can expect more from MK-Studios in the coming year as far as MSFS sceneries.

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The last bit of news includes an update to Keflavik for Prepar3D, which includes a volcanic ash clouds in response to the recent volcanic activity in Reykjanes, Iceland. The effect will be limited in range due to performance reasons.

Helsinki for P3D can be updated from the store that you purchased the product from. No release date or price for Keflavik or Helsinki in MSFS have been revealed. The Keflavik Volcanic ash update has not yet been release and we can expect it in the coming days.

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Helsinki for P3D changelog (V1.20)

  • Stand 351 marked as stand 352 fixed,
  • APN3 172A and 172 markings present removed,
  • APN3 Stand number circles changed to squares,
  • Stand 133 marked as 134 fixed,
  • Stand S53 second turn-in guideline added,
  • Stand S43 jetway safety area added,
  • Stand S43 concrete area fixed,
  • APN Spot 81 added,
  • APN8 stands updated to the new layout, Stand 224 and 225 added,
  • APN1S missing markings added,
  • AFCAD stands 56-59 replaced to 131-134,
  • Stands W34-W46 concrete slabs corrected according to the last changes,
  • Stand 32 SODE jetway and VDGS fixed,
  • VDGS entries added for missing airplanes,
  • Stand 20 label fixed.
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