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MK Studios Updates Keflavík Airport to V2 for MSFS

iniBuilds took to their Discord server to announce that MK Studios has updated their rendition of Keflavík Airport (BIKF) for Microsoft Flight Simulator to version 2. The update is a major overhaul of the product and features many new improvements and also includes the nearby, smaller Reykjavík Airport (BIRK) for the platform.

What’s new?

MK Studios’ latest update for their Keflavík Airport is a fully detailed rendition of the real-world location and also includes the handcrafted Reykjavík Airport. The team has modeled several noteworthy points of interest. BIKF features an up-to-date ground layout and parking stands, custom animated jetways, custom airport vehicle models, runway profile and elevation data, and custom taxiway signage.

Furthermore, the airport also features a high-quality terminal interior model, custom runway, and taxiway lights. The rendition is fully AI traffic compatible with plugins such as FSLTL and JustFlight’s FS Traffic addon.

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About Keflavik Airport

Keflavík Airport or Reykjavik–Keflavík Airport is the largest airport in Iceland and the country’s primary hub for international travel. The airport is three kilometers west of Keflavík and 50 km southwest of Reykjavík. It has three runways, of which only two are used, and occupies just about 25 kilometers squared of area. The main carrier at Keflavík is Icelandair, which has the airport as its primary hub. It has scheduled services to more than 70 destinations across Europe, the UK, and the USA.

Closing Notes

MK Studios’ Keflavík Airport V2 is available to purchase at the Contrail Store, the Orbx Direct Store, the simMarket Store, and the iniBuilds Store. The product retails for GBP 15 exclusive of taxes but is available currently at a limited-time price of GBP 14.25 (a discount of 5%). A stunning release trailer has also been shared by iniBuilds and can be viewed below.

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