M’M Simulations Releases Parma Airport for MSFS

The developers at M’M Simulations have recently released their rendition of Parma Airport (LIMP) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. On the 16th of July, the team released a trailer of the scenery on Youtube.

M’M simulations has used PBR materials. They have also brought to life the interior of the air traffic control tower and of the terminal. It is always a plus and gives the user an even bigger immersion. The team has modelled custom animated people and objects.

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The scenery features custom parking positions matching real life. The developers have brought to life the surroundings of the airport. This gives the user a much more immersive experience. They have also created custom night lighting.

Parma Guiseppe Verdi Airport is located 2.4 km from the city of Parma. The Airport operates national and international commercial traffic. Ryanair, Albastar, Flyone and SmallFly are the airport’s main airlines. The airfield is also open for GA and air taxi traffic.

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If you wish to purchase this scenery, you can do so through the Orbx store for €12,93 with tax excluded. To learn more about M’M Simulations I suggest you have a look at George’s article here.

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