7.12.2023 – 09:32z

MS/Asobo Releases Sim Update 14 with new SR22T, ATC Changes for MSFS

Microsoft/Asobo took to the Microsoft Flight Simulator forums earlier today to announce the release of their latest Sim Update 14 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new update focuses on crucial default ATC changes, updated atmospheric simulation, and the completely revitalized Cirrus SR22T.

The New SR22T for MSFS

Asobo Studios in collaboration with Working Title has developed a completely new Cirrus SR22T G6 model and released it along with Sim Update 14. The brand-new aircraft has a completely reworked flight model and book-accurate performance featuring CFD with pilot-tested handling, a modern propeller system, new turbo and fuel engine systems, custom ECU, engine computer, and EGT/CHT simulation, and custom lean misfire, detonation, and engine failure simulations.

Additional noteworthy features include Full Perspective Plus features implemented for G1000 NXi which further includes an engine page with anti-ice status and fuel flow targets. Furthermore, the fuel management page, weight and balance page with graphical CG envelope, trip planning page, PFD power gauge, GAGL indicator, GS and TAS, and frequency loading menus on airport and waypoint inf-pages have also been included.

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Weather Changes

The Asobo team has improved snow and ice coverage accuracy in live weather, fixed an issue where the wind from a malformed METAR was incorrectly read, fixed an issue where the sim occasionally retrieves obsolete weather data, improved transition during cloud coverage, and also fixed an issue where clouds did not load when starting a flight.

ATC Changes

The team has also added a flight plan assistance setting for ATC in the user experience assistance settings so users can request ATC to favor their own flight plan’s runway. Essentially when “active” ATC will set the active runway and approach for the departure and arrival runway based on the user’s flight plan or settings in the world map; when “deactivated” the active runway will be based on current conditions in live weather or presets only.

Furthermore, ATC will now clear a user a step to the next altitude sometime before arriving at the previously cleared altitude rather than once arriving at the cleared altitude. “(Next step is issued when at 2000FT from cleared altitude rather than 250FT from cleared altitude)”. These were some much-anticipated and highly requested default ATC features that have finally arrived with Sim Update 14.

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General Bug Fixes in Sim Update 14

Moreover, several crashes have been fixed across the title in Sim Update 14, localization bugs have been fixed, performance has been optimized for long-haul flights, ATC mixing up voices in localized languages has been fixed, and automated weather report temperature readings have been updated.

A marketplace issue where the wishlist would not sort properly in the Marketplace has been fixed, ATC phraseology has been enhanced, and general performance optimizations on consoles and other hardware configurations have also been added to the Boeing 787-10 and 747-8.

Do note that the much-anticipated Airbus A320Neo V2 has not been shipped with Sim Update 14 due to various issues on console and will be released at a later date. For more flight sim-related news, announcements, releases, and more, do read our coverage on FSNews.

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