22.8.2020 – 16:50z

Simbrief is Now Compatible with MSFS 2020

Yesterday, Simbrief published an update with several changes. This includes MSFS 2020 compatibility, the Vatsim page on Simbrief has been refreshed, and finally the A320-X’s ATSU can now connect directly to Simbrief.

Simbrief added compatibility to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. They have added a new option, in which you select the .pln format dedicated to MSFS 2020. To use this format, simply download the .pln file, instal it anywhere on your computer, then load in the simulator, go to the “world map” screen, click the “load/save” button underneath the map, and select the .pln file that you have installed.

Anyone who pre-files for Vatsim on Simbrief will notice a small overhaul. Vatsim has been working in the back-end changing the pre-file system with a new look. Vatsim now has started pushing that page to websites which allow pre-filing.

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Last but not least, the FSLabs A320-X’s ATSU can now directly connect with Simbrief. In order for this to work, all you have to do is login to Simbrief with the A320-X installer. The ATSU will then automatically install your Simbrief flight plan into the aircraft.

You can learn more about these small changes to Simbrief here.

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