14.8.2020 – 21:38z

MSFS Development Update (13.08)

Asobo Studios has shared their weekly MSFS development update. This is the last dev update before release, scheduled coming Tuesday. There is very little to explain in this one. The only message the team gives is to get ready.

Cabin crew, please prepare the cabin for takeoff.


In the post, a youtube video was linked that briefly goes over the history of Microsoft Flight Simulators. It has the theme music from FSX in the background, something many of us probably remember from when we started simming. From Flight Simulator 1.0 released in 1982 through FS95 and FS2002 to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator releasing in five days.

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For the people who are using the Closed Beta, access to that will end on the 17th of this month at 10 AM PST (1700z).

The official partnership with VATSIM now also got a longer video after a short teaser posted earlier. VATSIM will be compatible from the day of release. The video is aimed at new users, who are less familiar with the concept of ATC in your simulator. If you’re also new to VATSIM, check out our guides here.

A 1-hour developer Q&A was also shared which you can view here. Tomorrow, we’ll release an article summarizing what has been talked about in that video.

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Like always, many new pictures were shared. You can view a selection of them below.

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