MSFS Sim Update 10 Released

A new update has recently dropped for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Sim Update 10 is a new patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing a plethora of features to the platform. The release of this update was announced through the Flight Simulator website.

Patch is a massive update changing performance, aircraft behaviour, as well as flight dynamics. The team has worked on various improvements around the DX12 engine stability, which is still in beta. This however may negatively impact performance, as DX12 utilizes more graphics memory than it should at this moment.

The most important feature of this update has to be DLSS, which is an NVIDIA upscaling feature, that also works with AMD graphics cards. This feature renders the image in lower resolution and an AI then upscales it to the resolution of your monitor, resulting in better performance. Also, several stability issues were resolved.

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The weather received numerous changes as well. Right now, live weather now includes gusting wind on approach and take off, making it more challenging to control the aeroplane. Clouds have also received an update. According to the changelog, their behaviour in lower altitudes was tweaked to make them feel even more realistic. There are some changes to turbulence behaviour as well.

Overall, this extensive update changed a lot of stuff on this modern platform. There are also changes to various aircraft, airports, as well as the UI. If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Flight Simulator, why not read about the upcoming Anniversary Update?

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