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MSFS Sim Update 15 Beta Release Notes – Working Title G3X Improvements and Bug Fixes

MSFS’s Sim Update 15 Beta Release Notes were released to the MSFS Forum, noting the release of the long-anticipated Garmin G3X Working Title improvements for the sim.

MSFS’s recent push for improved default avionic systems available in-sim continues with Sim Update 15. In their continued partnership with Working Title, the long-anticipated Garmin G3X improvements have been released into the hands of Beta Testers. Additionally, many bug-fixing efforts have gone into the other Garmin Glass Cockpit integrations and the avionics onboard the Boeing 747 and 787 aircraft.

Garmin G3X Overhaul

The G3X Touch is a glass cockpit system sold by Garmin for use on single-prop, general aviation aircraft. The system is popular for its extremely modular design and advanced avionics package offered at an approachable price point. While independently limited to point-to-point or direct-to-navigation, when paired with any of Garmin’s navigation head units (f.e. GTN 750), the G3X is capable of full IFR navigation and approach.

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The overhaul of the G3X unit for MSFS represents the culmination of experience at Working Title and their work on past glass cockpit overhauls. The G3X has received a full cosmetic and UI design overhaul, new fonts, symbology, look, operation, and feel. Additionally, the system has received new UI for aircraft-specific EIS and MFD layouts including Lean Assist and Fuel Calculator Functions as needed.

Working Title has redeveloped and implemented support for Direct-To and point-to-point navigation using VFR flight planning. Additionally, the IFR functionality of the G3X has been implemented, wherein the system will require a coupled navigation head unit such as the Working Title GNS530 and GNS 430 in order to enable IFR navigation.

Initial feedback on the MSFS Forums is extremely positive. Users praise the accuracy of visual modeling as well as realistic system behavior. A Working Title developer confirmed through the Forum that there will be no external bridge connection implemented to the G3X as there was with other Working Title overhauls. Therefore, the WT G3X will require Third-Party Developers to implement their own system defaults and settings specific to their add-ons.

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Default aircraft that have received the updated G3X Touch include the CubCrafters Cub lineup and the JMB VL-3. Third-party developers have already begun releasing implementations of this package for other aircraft.

Boeing 747/787 Glass Cockpit Performance Improvements

The work on improving the performance of the improved glass cockpits onboard the Boeing 747 and Boing 787 is continued. Development on the Coherent/JS tech stack (a platform of back-end software used to design and implement the glass cockpit) has allowed Asobo to significantly lower the performance loss caused by the glass cockpit upgrades on these aircraft.

Alongside performance improvements, the two Boeing aircraft have received a variety of bug fixes related to avionics and systems. Notably, significant auto-throttle logic improvements have been implemented to prevent unwanted behavior during landing approaches.

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General and Miscellaneous Inclusions

Ongoing development work on the AI Traffic overhaul has continued into Sim Update 15. The newest upgrade to the system includes a livery matching system that will attempt to match aircraft types to airlines as well as attempting to display correct liveries. As a fallback effort, the system will resort to placing an airline with an installed livery that generally serves the region the user is in.

Other miscellaneous improvements have been added to the ground contact model. Sim Update 15 will introduce optional soft ground collision models for tires and flexible landing gears. This allows developers to implement realistic physics modeling of the critical behavior and functionality tires and gear structures have during take-off and landing. Additionally, a new physics system enables the modeling of vibrations and micro-movements of tire structures and landing gear components. This modeling has been enabled on the default Cessna C172 and Cabri.

Lastly, multi-rotor support has been added to the helicopter flight model, which will allow the simulation of dual-rotor or contra-rotating helicopter blades. This introduces the possibility for future add-ons, such as the CH-47 Chinook or V-22 Osprey, to have properly modeled twin-blade flight behavior.

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Sim Update 15 Full Release

Sim Update 15 is slated for release in early March; rest assured, the G3X Touch and all these other improvements will be available for all in just a few weeks. Stay tuned for more MSFS news, reviews, and editorials on our dedicated Microsoft Flight Simulator News page!

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