MSFS20 Development Update (March 12, 2020)

Asobo Studio, who is responsible for the development of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, has released on their website another development update and some screenshots made by the community.

The developer recently corrected the grass in the simulator as you can see in the screenshot. Also, the developer released the roadmap of the upcoming development updates/videos. Which you can see below the screenshot.

MSFS20 Development Update (March 12, 2020) - Microsoft Flight Simulator


  • March 19 – Episode 8 of the Feature Discovery series (Multiplayer)
  • March 19 – DR roadmap preview for April and May will be released.
  • Early April – Episode 7 of Feature Discovery series (IFR)
  • Early April – Partnership series update

Also, the developer said that the next alpha build update is currently in release testing and they expect it to be released by March 19.

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The next thing the developer mentioned are the alpha invitations, and those will be re-opened on March 16. If you already applied your DXDIAG information and want to update it, do so on that date on your FS profile.

As mentioned earlier in the article, on March 19 there will be a new feature discovery series about multiplayer. There, the developer will take an in-depth preview of the multiplayer in this simulator. Later on, episode 7 about IFR flying will come.

The developer also talked about the SDK update, and it is now being used by 50 programmers and artists. Also, the Asobo studio closely communicates with these developers, and they still keep improving the SDK tools. In next weeks, Asobo studio will share their development partners.

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If you want to see more, visit the flight simulator website here.

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