Navigraph announces plans for MSFS

Navigraph, the supplier for charts and AIRAC cycles for most of us, have announced their plans for Microsoft Flight Simulator. A 10-minute long video on their Facebook page explained the team’s vision.

The CEO, Mangus Axholt, says he’s looking forward to the release. They expect that the simulator will bring many new people onto the flightsim scene. MSFS is a great flightsim for VFR flying, he says. He mentions the flightsim community survey results, from February, were more than half of respondents said they are postponing purchases because of the upcoming simulator.

With a Navigraph subscription, you will be able to update the navdata for MSFS. The standalone charts app will also work with MSFS. Several APIs are also available to developers who want to continue using the most updated version of charts and navdata and can’t use the MSFS navdata. They will also release a new version of Navigraph charts which will be available for standalone purchase and on the in-built MSFS platform.

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In short, what currently exists will remain and be made compatible with the new sim. Even though MSFS will use updated navdata, provided by Airbus, Navigraph will do the same with Jeppesen Data from Boeing.

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