21.10.2022 – 17:35z

New Live Traffic Addon for MSFS Now Available

Through the official forums of Microsoft Flight Simulator, user and developer zkdos announced the release of their new addon, called FSLTL, that promises to change how we know live traffic in our simulators to date.

FSLTL is a free standalone real-time traffic injector for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In other words, FSLTL takes information about real-world traffic and displays accurate aircraft models at precise positions near you on your monitor.

Using the addon, you can effortlessly populate airports and skies in your vicinity without any impact on performance. What’s more, all aircraft included in FSLTL have custom effects like heat haze, contrails, and interactions with jetways and ground services.

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Not to ruin the immersion, every aircraft model also features custom sounds.

FSLTL also works as a VATSIM model-matching application. This way you can also enjoy high-quality aircraft models with custom effects and sounds whilst flying on VATSIM. This might come in handy especially now that Cross The Pond is coming this weekend, on October 22nd 2022.

You can download FSLTL and give it a try through the FlyByWire Installer. You can download that through their official site by clicking here.

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