Runway Inside is one of the smaller developers out there, but they are doing great job for the flight sim community. Their one and only product, NextGen Environment for X-Plane 11, can really change your flight experience. We got the chance to review this product and we would like to say thank you to Runway Inside for making this possible.

NextGen Environment provides multiple environment improvements for your sim for example sky colors, clouds textures or haze effects. I have to say that photorealistic elements included in NextGen Environment are making your sim look awesome! When I was testing this add-on for the first time I was really amazed by the clouds and sky colors. There are some other cool features as well like water improvements or custom realistic sun.

I personally like the night lighting the most. It feels very realistic flying at night. You can check the screenshots below.

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NextGen Environment Review - Reviews, Runway Inside, X-Plane
NextGen Environment Review - Reviews, Runway Inside, X-Plane

The only bad thing is that NextGen Environment is not compatible with xEnviro, SkyMaxx, UltraWeather XP, xVision, FS Enchancer, x-Visibility and “TheUltimate” Mod. So if you are using one of these add-ons you will have to uninstall them before installing NextGen Environment to make sure that everything will work properly.

If you want to make your sim look amazing, I highly recommend NextGen Environment. I even stopped using xVision after installing NextGen Environment.

You can buy this product for $29,95 USD.

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