29.2.2020 – 17:22z

NextGen Simulations releases Citation CJ4X v2 for Prepar3D

NextGen Simulations, who stays behind their CJ4X for FSX and 32-bit versions of P3D, has released version 2 of this aircraft, which will be compatible with the 64-bit version of P3D – P3D v4, has been released today.

This aeroplane has many features like PBR textures, custom lighting, rain effects, dispatch app. There is also an integration with FSLabs spotlights available, custom dynamic lighting. With the aircraft, there is also a ChasePlane preset included. You can see more features down below.


  • Two accurate models of the Citation CJ4, differing in its vertical stabilizer shape
  • Frame-rate friendly models while keeping good look-and-feel
  • All development is P3Dv4 SDK-compliant
  • NEW! PBR Texturing
  • Ground service (Cones, Wheel Chocks and GPU)
  • 18 different liveries (plus two in-house liveries)
  • Remastered Paint Kit and refined texture detail
  • NEW! Rain effects in windshield windows (courtesy of A2A Simulations)
  • NEW! Integration with FSLabs’ Spotlights
  • NEW! Custom lights with Dynamic Lighting compliance
  • NEW! Dispatcher app tool that allows you to set up aircraft’s weight&balance, (un)install and package liveries and keep the product up to date
  • NEW! ChasePlane presets included
  • Different Cameras outside and inside the aircraft
  • 2D Cockpit (Main Panel of Pilot and Copilot, plus 8 subpanels including zoomed displays popups, for a total of 13 subpanels), a Mini Panel and a Semi-functional 3D Virtual Cockpit, with 3D Virtual Cabin
  • Custom-coded animations virtually everywhere
  • Flight Management System developed and licensed by Eric Marciano, with extensive use of Flight Simulator GPS database
  • Original replica of Collins ProLine 21 displays
  • Easy-to-use Autopilot
  • Realistic & Authentic Williams FJ44-4A Engine Soundset, plus cockpit sounds (Environment, CAS Aural Warnings, V-speeds Callouts and GPWS Callouts)

The developer stated on his website, that the current customers of the v1 version will get 50% off from the v2 version. The aircraft is available for €23.60.

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