8.3.2021 – 17:31z

Nimbus Simulation Releases a Major Update for UH-1 (XP11)

Nimbus Simulation Studios have recently released a highly-anticipated update within the helicopter pilot community for their rendition of the Bell UH-1 for X-Plane 11. The update was in development for quite a while now and features some major improvements to the aircraft.

This includes, for example, improved flight model, AviTab integration, new trim and radio alt manipulators, or added ground dust option, for example. Furthermore, the interior has received new textures, the rudder behavior was improved, and the tail rotor size was fixed to accurately reflect the real counterpart. Not to forget, GPS functionality was added to the aircraft as well.

Previews showcasing the new version of the aircraft can be seen below. The update was originally scheduled to be released at the end of February. The complete changelog of the new version can be found below.

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This month, we can as well, if everything goes as planned, expect an update for the aircraft that should bring more variants to the aircraft. This includes firefighting, crop dusting, medical support, or floats-equipped variants, for example.

In order to install the most recent update, simply download the new files from the X-Plane.org Store and replace the old ones. If you want to purchase the aircraft, you can do so for approximately €32 from the previously mentioned store.


SOURCE: X-Plane.org Store

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New features

  • force trim
  • trim
  • radioalt manipulators
  • extra helps on the joystick window
  • manipulator to copilot menu
  • rotor demo mode
  • manipulator to throttle
  • radio and copilot horizon glass
  • pull to cage knob
  • VR controls for cyclic and collective
  • windows to context and not subpanel (multimonitor and VR support)
  • GPS
  • Avitab
  • Menus
  • ground dust option
  • search light


  • engine fire even with always like new
  • startup button not working
  • 8.33 on the old radios
  • copilot visibility independent from pilot
  • strange manipulator behavior
  • added manipulator to all switches
  • doors state saved by clicking the door too, not only the doors window.
  • RPM alarm should sound all the way down.
  • move heads
  • rudder behavior
  • moving while on the ground
  • tail rotor size
  • rotor blades when stopped, add flex and reduce coning.
  • check tail geometry width
  • new interior textures
  • gauges green arch color
  • gauge glass dust removed
  • cabin lights texture
  • tint overhead plexy from inside
  • light knobs go to zero when no power
  • fix tachometer needles
  • copilot and pilot cyclic boot
  • governor switch marching ants
  • tail tube use the same uv as fuselage
  • hydraulic switch affect controls response
  • stop writing stability datarefs
  • fuel switch metal sides
  • cb pilot
  • Artificial horizon shadow not longer shown with lights on
  • Main rotor hub size improved
  • new main rotor mast textures
  • rotor tilted when off
  • Flight model improved

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