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Nimbus Simulations Announces Boeing 707, New Airport and a Mission Tool

Nimbus Simulations on Friday’s FSExpo presentation showed some projects they are currently working on. This includes a new mission tool, and an entirely new aircraft, as well as a scenery, all coming to X-Plane 12.

Nimbus Pilot Challenge

The first thing the Nimbus Simulations team announced is the Nimbus Pilot Challenge tool for X-Plane 12. This tool aims to create the possibility of making missions in the world of Laminar Research’s simulator. Nimbus Pilot Challenge places objects in the world, and these objects may be fully interactive.

You can create a variety of missions, from combat to medical, transportation, rescue missions, or tours. Another segment of the Nimbus Pilot Challenge tool is going to be called Jobs, which is going to take more than one flight to finish. You can also select the On Duty option, which will assign you a new mission once you finish the previous one.

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Boeing 707

The CEO has also showcased a new aircraft from the Nimbus Simulations team, and that is going to be the first Boeing jet ever produced, the 707. At their presentation, we were shown both the external and internal model of the aircraft, mostly focusing on animations and details.

For example, the engines and wings are going to shake based on the wind and atmosphere conditions. These animations will be fully simulated, making them as close to the real world as possible. This also applies to cockpit vibrations, all of this will also work in VR because it’s not going to be the camera that is shaking, but the aircraft.

The plane also seems to have PBR textures and detailed 3D model in both exterior and interior. The plane is still a deep work in progress, and more should be shown by Nimbus Simulations soon.

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New Nimbus Simulations Airport

The latest release is also going to happen today, as the Nimbus Simulations team is going to release their latest airport for X-Plane 12, and that is going to be Charlotte Airport (KCLT), which is going to be released later today.

The scenery mostly uses default tools, so no additional plugins won’t be necessary to move the jetways for example. There will be differences between seasons with the airport textures, that is completely going to be covered in PBR. During the night, the scenery will be illuminated by dynamic lights.

Lastly, Nimbus Simulations aims to bring sceneries to Microsoft Flight Simulator, on which they will elaborate more information soon via their social media.

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If you would like to read more about Nimbus Simulations and their work, make sure to read our coverage of their New York release for X-Plane.

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