9.10.2020 – 18:42z

Nimbus Simulations updates Atlanta to v2.2 (XP11)

Nimbus Simulations updated their Atlanta Hartfield International scenery (KATL). This scenery was developed for X-Plane 11. Atlanta v2 released originally on the org store on November 1st 2019.

This update fixes a few small bugs, but mostly brings the scenery up to date with what it looks like today. The information screens at the gate will no longer show Chicago O’Hare (KORD) as departure. Some objects’ position has been fixed. The textures are reworked so they don’t show squares anymore at certain distances from it. The orthophoto imagery around the airport was cleaned. The Delta hangar moved a bit, correcting its position. You can see a full changelog below.

If you already own this scenery, you need to download and install the scenery again. Users who are interested in buying this scenery can do so from the org store for $28.95 here.

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  • Information screens no longer show KORD as departure
  • Normal textures changed to avoid squares at a certain distance from an object   
  • Mispositioned objects relocated   
  • Plugin windows visible at night   
  • Apron orthophotos cleaned    
  • Delta hangar modified to match its current condition   
  • Terminal F geometry improved   
  • Marching ants on terminals are gone

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