OldProp transitions to Parallel 42

OldProp, a developer behind well known Chaseplane addon or many great Immersion packages for Prepar3D, today announced on their website, that all their products are transitioning to Parallel 42. This means, that if you have an OldProp product purchased, you now have a Parallel 42 product purchased.

Having ended the OldProp partnership, Ménard will now focus on his role as Creative Director and Partner at Parallel 42, ensuring the future of OldProp products. Soriano will direct business development strategies and execution.

All Parallel 42 products are now available to be purchased at the Orbx store. If you want to migrate your OldProp plugin to Orbx, please see this guide on how to do so.

OldProp also mentioned in the post, that we should expect an Immersion Package for the 737 NGXu.


Number 42 is according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. It for sure has something to do with it since Parallel 42 has below the introduction on the website: //42 is the answer.

Author: George

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