OrbX addresses problem with London Landmarks (MSFS)

OrbX was the second developer to launch products on the MSFS Marketplace, and the first to release a so-called landmarks package. A package like this contains hundreds of handmade custom buildings for urban areas. Usually, Orbx products are of very high quality and are regarded as one of the best addon developers out there. The entire community is always looking forward to new Orbx products.

But this time, that was not the case. Orbx Landmarks London got a lot of criticism right from the start because of the supposedly “poor quality” of the textures on some of the buildings. Both on the MSFS official forum and many Discord servers, OrbX was the target of quite some disappointed customers.

Today, Orbx addressed that issue. In a forum post, they acknowledge that there is a problem with the product that affects a small number of the landmarks

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This issue affects a small number of the 400+ landmarks available, where they do not match up with the quality of those already in-sim.

Orbx, Orbx forum

The team is working on a fix and that fix will be available very soon to Orbx Central at first and later to the MSFS Marketplace. It does need Asobo’s approval before the update gets published there.

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