Orbx Announces Detroit for MSFS and XP12

The Orbx team has recently taken to their forums to announce their upcoming rendition of Detroit Metropolitan Airport (KDTW). This rendition is going to be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 12.

This airport is going to be released in the new year, in January of 2023. The X-Plane version is going to be released first with the Microsoft Flight Simulator version following later. Orbx mentioned that this is the biggest project of their work, as no other scenery covered an area of 4 850 acres and no airport had as many as 6 runways in their series.

This new scenery by Orbx is going to feature detailed and accurate hangar interiors, custom mesh for the surrounding area as well as accurate terminal interiors. The X-Plane version is also going to feature openable hangar doors and custom SAM jetways using a SAM plug-in.

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  • Detailed and accurate hangar interiors
  • Custom mesh for XP and MSFS
  • Fully custom and high-definition GSE and static elements. All liveries and vehicle types are IRL, and not from a “generic” library. 
  • Toggleable hangar lighting effects in XP through SAM plug-in.
  • Openable hangar doors in XP through SAM plug-in.
  • Hangar door animations in MSFS relating to weather and date/time. 
  • Highly accurate terminal interiors
  • 100% custom airport lighting
  • Custom SAM jetways (XPlane)

    The previews shared are all taken in X-Plane 12. The team didn’t preview the Microsoft Flight Simulator version yet. If you would like to learn more about the work of Orbx, you can read our different article about their Unalaska Airport, Asturias or even their aircraft – 750 XSTOL.

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