Orbx announces Pacific Northwest Ferries for Prepar3D

A week ago, Orbx developer Larry_R did a post on the Orbx forums regarding a new addon they are working on – Pacific Northwest Ferries for Prepar3D v4. When released, the addon will be freeware, but Orbx Pacific Northwest will be required.

Pacific Northwest Ferries greatly improves the default AI ship and ferry traffic in Puget Sound and Southern British Columbia with authentic models and giving them realistic places to dock.

The addon should feature, for example, many new terminals in Puget Sound added, added and fixed POIs such as Point Wilson lighthouse or Entrance Island and compatibility with other Orbx products in the area. The complete feature list can be found below.

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  • Many new terminals have been added in Puget Sound, all quite detailed, including adjacent marinas.
  • Terminal areas have been enlarged, annotated with autogen and have seasonal PR and night lighting.  Shorelines, roads and road traffic have been adjusted where appropriate.
  • All the large terminal models have been rebuilt and new ones added.
  • Port Townsend is now a mini Townscape which includes 2 large marinas and an adjacent pulp mill.
  • A number of POIs have been added or fixed up:  Point Wilson lighthouse, Mukilteo lighthouse, Smith Island, DeltaPort near Tsawwassen, Entrance Island with lighthouse and helipad and more.
  • Lighthouses are based on authentic models with custom light effects.
  • All terminals integrate with the Orbx airports and seaplane bases in the area; CAE3CAC8KORSKFHR, and 74S.
  • The large marina and ferry terminal at Point Defiance serves as a point of interest for Orbx KTIW as you approach from the north.  It’s worth a closer look too.
  • There is a lot to explore; 47 terminal areas plus other features of interest.
  • Besides the WSF and BC AI ferries, there are a number of ancillary AI boats; tugs, a couple of cargo ships, cruise ships and a large tanker all quite detailed. 
  • And of course there is the usual Extras folder. Among other things it has a pilotable version of the WSF ferry MV Kaleetan as well as a small xml add-on that will enable all new Orbx wave effects.
  • The entire installation is managed by Orbx Central so no more fiddling around  having to disable default traffic files.

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