Orbx Announces Sceneries for MSFS2020

In a rather long post through the forums, Orbx has today announced eight sceneries being developed for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Pricing details and screenshots were shared. Please, keep in mind, that not much information regarding the features has been shared.

All sceneries mentioned below will be released at the launch of the simulator, or shortly after.

London City Airport

Considered one of the best sceneries by Orbx, London City Airport (EGLC) will get its MSFS2020 version. The price for the scenery has been set to $14.99, but current owners will be entitled to an $8.99 upgrade fee.

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London City Pack

London City pack features hundreds of iconic London buildings and landmarks. The price has been set to $7.99 and there will be no upgrade fee as this product does not have X-Plane 11 or Prepar3D variant.

Take flight over the city of London in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and enjoy the true British experience with this must-have pack of London’s most famous and treasured landmarks.

innsbruck Airport

Also considered one of the best, Innsbruck Airport (LOWI) will be getting its MSFS2020 variant for $19.99. Current owners will be able to get it only for $11.99. There wasn’t really much shared about the features rather than just pricing and the description.

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Leeds Bradford Airport

Leeds Bradford Airport (EGNM) will also be part of the first products getting to the new simulator. The price has been set to $17.99. Current owners of XP11 or P3D variants will be eligible for a $10.79 upgrade fee.

Orcas Island Airport

Being a small airport, I was quite surprised when I’ve seen this in the list of sceneries coming to MSFS2020 in the first wave. Orcas Island Airport (KORS) will cost $12.99 and current owners will be entitled to a $7.79 upgrade fee.

completely new scenery that harnesses the latest technology of the new simulator platform, Orcas is the perfect home for all VFR flyers.

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Tacoma Narrows Airport

Tacoma Narrows Airport (KTIW) should provide the pilots a “perfect excuse to fly across the region of Washington” based on what Orbx wrote. The price has been set to $12.99 and current owners will be able to get it for only $7.79.

With plenty of parking spots on the ramp, grab some friends and do some exciting formation flying over a stunning region full of life and variation.

Hollywood burbank Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR) for Prepar3D got released just recently, but it is clear, that the MSFS2020 variant is in development and will be released together with the new simulator. When released, the price will be $17.99 and current owners will be able to get it for $10.79.

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One of Orbx’s most popular airports, KBUR Hollywood Burbank comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Santa Barbara Municipal Airport

The last one featured in the list, Santa Barbara Municipal Airport will also be in the first wave of sceneries coming to MSFS2020. When released, the price will be $14.99 and $8.99 for current owners of the P3D/XP11 variant.

The unique architectural style of the terminal really makes this airport stand-out, with various artwork and designs all faithfully recreated.

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