31.5.2022 – 16:38z

Orbx Boise Airport for MSFS Announced

The developer Orbx has today taken to their forums to announce their upcoming Boise Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Boise Airport (KBOI) is a smaller international airport located in Idaho, United States.

The airport has eight serving airlines, servicing 26 destinations across the country. It operates as a mixed civil and military airport. Thus, there can be found unusual traffic, such as A-10 Thunderbolt II of the Idaho National Air Guard.

Orbx Boise Airport will include Orbx’s usual features. Meaning, that there is going to be 60cm/px ortho imagery for the surrounding area included. Furthermore, the airport terminal and other parts of the airport will have 4K PBR textures and detailed models. Also, Orbx will include custom static military aircraft models around the airport in this rendition.

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  • Detailed depiction of Boise Airport
  • Custom ground poly
  • PBR textures
  • Custom military static models
  • 60 cm ortho

The scenery is going to be available through Orbx Central and the website. Orbx hasn’t yet revealed the price of the product. Also, the official release date was not yet unveiled.

If you’d like to learn more about Orbx, you can read our other article here.

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