Orbx Releases Caernarfon Airport for MSFS

Orbx, a well-known developer responsible for a variety of sceneries and area packages for all three platforms, has released their rendition of Caernarfon Airport (EGCK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The information about this release was posted on their Facebook page in which the developer also included some preview pictures of the final product.

Caernarfon Airport, formerly known as RAF Llandwrog, is an airfield located 7.4km southwest of Caernarfon in Wales, United Kingdom. It was mainly used during Second World War and is now mainly used for small aircraft, helicopters, and ultralights. There are also several flight training companies based at the airport.

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The Orbx rendition of this airport features detailed 3D fencing around the airport, and high-definition and hand-crafted aerial imagery at a resolution of 30cm per pixel for the airport vicinity. Textures, that are present throughout the scenery, have PBR materials, which were hand-crafted to match the real counterparts of the airport.

The scenery can be bought through the Orbx website for AUD16.35 or through the in-game Marketplace for a similar price.


  • Bespoke hand-painted ground textures for the immediate airport area
  • Dynamic people and animals, that will change based on time of year and day.
  • High definition, hand-crafted 30cm/px imagery for the surrounding area
  • Custom and unique built ground vehicles and aircraft
  • Accurately and superbly modelled buildings
  • Detailed 3D fencing, signage and equipment
  • High definition hand-crafted PBR materials for the airport buildings
  • Historic RAF Llandwrog buildings
  • Surrounding POIs such as Morfa Holiday Park, Fort Belan and farmland buildings
  • Optimized for best performance and works seamlessly with World Update 3 and our UK North POI region

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