Orbx Releases Catalina Airport for MSFS

Only a few days after the initial announcement, Orbx has released their rendition of Catalina Airport (KAVX) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The information about the release was posted on their social media accounts, such as Facebook.

Santa Catalina Island is a very famous island belonging to California, USA. Catalina Island is famous mainly because of a version of the operating system macOS, which is named after this island. It is approximately 50 kilometres southeast of Long Beach.

Speaking of the airport, it was originally opened in 1941 and is mainly used for general aviation and currently has no scheduled passenger service. It also served as a military base back in 1942 and during World War II.

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The scenery itself offers a variety of modern features, such as 30cm/px ortho coverage of the airport and Avalon harbour area, a large number of points of interest, such as Casino Ballroom, Pebbly Beach or USC Wrigley Marine Science Center. The rendition has been originally developed for the ESP platform, so the developer reworked the building geometry and texturing, to bring the scenery to Microsoft Flight Simulator standard, unique 3D people or even new, custom vegetation.

If you are interested in buying this scenery, you can do so through Orbx Central or the Orbx website for €14.40.


  • Complete overhaul of the ESP classic
  • New building geometry and texturing to benefit from the modern MSFS game engine
  • 30cm ortho coverage of the airport and Avalon Harbour area
  • Numerous POIs including the Casino Ballroom, Pebbly Beach, USC Wrigley Marine Science Center and Two Harbours
  • Unique 3D people models
  • New custom vegetation

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