18.10.2020 – 08:28z

Orbx releases Gothenburg Landvetter (MSFS)

Orbx have just released their latest scenery for Sweden. This time, Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport (ESGG), serving the city of Gothenburg was released. This scenery is the first for MSFS made by Marcus Nyberg. Orbx confirms he is working on other projects too, presumably other Swedish airports.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport is Sweden’s second-biggest airport, after Stockholm-Arlanda, serving almost 7 million passengers in 2018. Passenger numbers dropped a bit in 2019 and crashed this year. The airport hosts more than 40 airlines and has destinations all over Europe. You can find some long haul flights to Doha and Tehran from Landvetter too. There are regional domestic flights at this airport too.

The scenery is packed with new MSFS features. First of all, it uses PBR textures wherever it was possible. They updated the static aircraft models as well. The ground-poly is weather-dependant. Rain and snow will impact your experience. You can find many custom and new ground service equipment vehicles driving around. As MSFS allow scenery creators to make sloped runways, Orbx used that capability too. Custom aerial imagery is included too, as is standard with Orbx products.

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You can purchase Orbx’ Gothenburg-Landvetter here for approx. €15.10. Orbx released a trailer for this scenery on YouTube. Watch it below.

Feature list

  • Exquisitely detailed 4k depiction of ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter Airport
  • Sweden’s second-busiest airport, served by over 40 local and long-haul airlines
  • Ultra-detailed 4K textures with completely overhauled PBR texturing
  • Highly detailed ground poly with custom lines and markings
  • Interior modelling for main terminal
  • Beautiful hand-coloured custom aerial imagery
  • New custom static aircraft & GSE unique to Landvetter Airport
  • Stunning dynamic night lighting
  • Weather-influenced ground textures
  • Completely AI-compatible
  • Terrain-defined runway
  • Perfect for a short hop to Ålesund Vigra Airport, with more Scandinavian destinations on the way!
  • Painstakingly optimised for very high performance
  • The first project for MSFS from renowned developer Marcus Nyberg

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