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Orbx Releases Idaho Fire Lookouts Package for MSFS

Orbx has announced the release of another product for the Microsoft Flight Simulator via Facebook, this time covering Idaho. The Idaho Fire Lookouts addon explores and recreates the many lookouts built in the state.

Orbx’s Fire Lookouts

This addon covers 11 highly detailed locations. These Fire Lookouts are active during the hotter months and are still used today. These lookouts are used as visual aids for flying VFR in the area. This addon also goes well with Parallel 42s campout utility and The Juice Goose addon, according to Orbx.

The area is all high altitude and often has some unfavourable winds for flying, adding to the challenge of flying around this area. It has been recreated to support many fields such as helicopters, STOL flying challenges and 4×4 vehicles.

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Indie developer Milo Taylor has made this addon to the same standard as his previous releases. The 11 Fire Lookouts included in this package are:

  • IDSHE Sheepeater
  • IDPPL Pilot Peak
  • IDMFL Middle Fork
  • IDSRP Shellrock Peak
  • IDBGB Big Baldy
  • IDPYP Pinyon Peak
  • IDTBM Thunderbolt Mountain
  • IDSMA Scotts Mountain Road Airstrip
  • IDSML Scotts Mountain
  • IDDWL Deadwood
  • IDTMN Trinity Mountain

Key Features

All 11 Fire Lookouts come highly detailed with their helicopter landing zones and STOL areas. This is perfect for those looking to test their skills. The surrounding vegetation and terrain have also been enhanced and transformed to maximise immersion using this addon. Seasonal changes have been incorporated so assets like icicles and piles of snow appear in colder months in the simulator.

It’s not just the Fire Lookouts that have been created, more than 20 miles of road between multiple locations works. This is perfect for anyone doing offroading combined with Parallel 42s Juice Goose. You can climb to the top of Trinity Peak Hill and Scotts Mountain, or the Deadwood Lookout trail, day or night and explore every location in the mountains. The developer has also modelled and added many animated people, birds, animals and sometimes even drone pilots.

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Idaho – Fire Lookouts is available now via the Orbx Direct for €15.30. You will need Orbx Central to download and install this product for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

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