Orbx Releases Sogndal Haukasen Airport for MSFS

Orbx has released their recently announced rendition of Sogndal Haukasen Airport (ENSG) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The release information has been posted through Orbx forums.

Sogndal Haukasen Airport is a general aviation airport located in northern Norway. Serving as the main airport to Sogndal Municipality, there are various flights from Oslo, Alesund or Bergen operated by Wideroe.

The scenery has to serve a wide variety of features. As Orbx has in their habit, there is a surrounding area covered by ortho imagery, PBR materials and 4K textures. There are also minor details such as people models changing dependent on the time and weather or seasons, and there are added a tower and ATIS frequencies.

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The scenery can be bought through Orbx central or their website for €10.37.


  • 4K PBR Textures
  • Custom aerial ortho imagery
  • People models changing depending on the weather, time and season
  • Custom frequencies

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