Orbx shares new Scandinavian Mountains Airport previews (P3D)

Jarrad Marshall, one of the Orbx developers, has recently shared via the Orbx forums a new set of previews showcasing the upcoming Scandinavian Mountains Airport scenery for Prepar3D v4.

Scandinavian Mountains Airport is a brand-new, purpose-designed Swedish airport, located close to the Norwegian border. The airfield was constructed to primarily service the major ski resorts located nearby

Based on the post made on the forums, the developers ale working closely with the airport’s real-world owners and that the project has started even before opening the actual airport on the 22nd of December 2019.

The scenery will feature, for example, immaculately detailed multi-seasonal depiction, 3cm aerial imagery around the airport, interior modelling, PBR materials, weather-influenced ground textures or a great optimization. A usual, the complete feature list can be seen below.


  • Incredible drone-sourced 3cm aerial imagery around the airport, including advanced normal/spec maps beyond the normal GP
  • The world’s newest international airport, with flights to major Swedish and European destinations including Heathrow and Copenhagen
  • Immaculately detailed multi-seasonal depiction of ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport
  • Stunningly realistic depiction of unique snow during the winter months
  • Interior modelling
  • Advanced materials, including PBR
  • Colour-corrected coverage area at 7cm & 50cm resolution, with hand-placed autogen
  • Custom static aircraft & GSE unique to ESKS
  • Weather-influenced ground textures
  • Stunning night light lighting
  • A short flight to our other Swedish destinations, GothenburgStockholm ArlandaKirunaVisby and Dala
  • The perfect short-haul destination for A320/NGX, regional jet and GA flyers alike!
  • Designed for P3Dv4 to blend seamlessly with Orbx NorwayOrbx Global Base and openLC Europe
  • Painstakingly optimized for very high performance, even with high-end aircraft. 
  • The latest in our Swedish Series from acclaimed developer Marcus Nyberg