Orbx Updates Orcas Island Airport for MSFS

Renown scenery developer Orbx has today released an update to their Orcas Island Airport (KORS) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The update in question is not huge but does contain some important additions such as new fences and gates at the east end of the airport, new light beams, new signs, and more.

The update marks V1.10 and can be downloaded for existing customers through Orbx Central. Alternatively you can purchase the scenery here for approximately €11.36 here.

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Orcas Island Airport is a small one-runway airport located in North-West America which runs small charter flights offered by San Juan Airlines and Kenmore Air. The airport can only facilitate for smaller GA aircraft.


  • new fence and gates at the storage area north east of the airport
  • new light beams at night at the FBO and a couple of additional hangars
  • new REIL lights at both rwy ends
  • new signs at the airport
  • new helipad lamps at medical heliport
  • new look out tower at Mount Constitution
  • new antennas at Mount Constitution
  • replacement for the gate at the biplane hangar
  • clean up road textures
  • clean up at the marina (removed boats and piers of the orthophotography)
  • new trees at places with no trees
  • new improved cars and trucks
  • new reflecting windows on custom cars
  • plane parking connected to taxiway
  • new additional parking for aircrafts
  • removed static airplanes as they “jumped” in the air getting closer

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