Orbx Updates TEGB Products for X-Plane 11

Orbx lead developer Ed Correia has shared information on the forums regarding the update of all three Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain products. Update 1.2.0 for GB Central and GB South makes some fixes and GB North update 1.1.0 adds mesh compatibility update because of the upcoming airport.

TEGB South

Let’s start with the TEGB South package. This one is the biggest from the changelog overall, and by this update, we can find a new landable helipad in the TEGB South area, like EGLN Longships, EGWR Wolf’s Rock, EGBR Bishop’s Rock and EGLW London City Heliport. The update also fixes the ghosting buildings issue in the London area, fixes floating Windsor Castle, removes the doubled Wembley Stadium, and more.

TEGB Central

The second update is for the Great Britain Central package, which removes the large buildings spikes throughout the scenery, adds Gainsborough power plant, adds Bilsdale Mast, and adds Westside Edge Mast. Also, this update fixes doubling of the Mersey Gateway Bridge, fixes the alignment of Runcorn Bridge, and removes duplicated Wind turbines.

TEGB North

The last but not least is the TEGB North package update, which adds only one thing, because of the new airport scenery to be released in the area. This update adds mesh compatibility for the EGPN Dundee Airport in Scotland, which will be released soon.


Changelog TEGB North (GB North 1.1.0)

-Mesh compatibility updates for EGPN Dundee Airport

Changelog TEGB South (GB South 1.2.0)

– Add new landable helipads EGLN Longships, EGWR Wolf’s Rock, EGBR Bishop’s Rock, EGLW London City Heliport
– Fixed ghosting buildings around London
– Fixed floating Windsor Castle
– Removed erroneous building spikes around Welby
– Removed petrol station in the water at Dartmouth
– Removed doubled Wembley stadium
– Made Wembley Stadium landable
– Fixed purple water issue in Barmouth
– Aligned the Severn Bridge correctly
– Aligned the second Severn bridge correctly
– Added missing mast at North Hessary
– Added missing lighthouses at Scilly – St Agnes, Peninn’s Head and Round Island
– Removed excessive PBR effect on autogen
– Added slight colour variation to trees and buildings
– Added Rugeley Power Station
– Added missing lake Llyn Celny, Bala, North Wales

Changelog TEGB Central (GB Central 1.2.0)

– Removed large building spikes throughout the scenery
– Added Gainsborough power station
– Added Bilsdale Mast
– Added Westside Edge Mast
– Fixed doubling up of the Mersey Gateway Bridge
– Fixed alignment of Runcorn Bridge
– Removed duplicated wind turbines

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