Orbx’s Volanta Development Update #2


Orbx have taken to their forums to update development of their Volanta flight tracking application, while also announcing an update to the beta version (now 0.0.76) available to selected beta testers.

The developers have been extremely busy making changes, dealing with fixes, and adding new features. For example, for those who fly using VATSIM, Volanta will now provide information as to what airspace has ATC coverage through VATSIM.

Another addition is the ability to toggle between 2D and 3D maps and their corresponding icons and flight paths. Also, you can see previous flight paths, delete aircraft, highlight active airports, and sort aircraft by the number of flights. Tracking has been improved, so time spent in menus does not count in the flight time, plus, X-Plane 11 will automatically detect the aircraft’s registration.

Currently being developed is the Challenges tab with new challenges added, some reflecting real world routes and procedures. For example, some of the new challenges include the RNAV-Z RWY 23 at NZQN, and the RNAV W RWY 02R into SBRJ. There is also integration with Discord, so flight status will be shown through the users Discord channel.

A full list of changes, additions and fixes can be found below.

Currently in beta, no release date has been announced for Volanta, but it is expected to be soon, and the application will be free.



  • 2D/3D toggle for map icons and flight paths
  • VATSIM ATC coverage
  • Ability to delete an aircraft
  • Option to disable drawing of previous flights this session
  • More detailed tooltips for map items that are clickable
  • Most currently active airports are now highlighted
  • Button to open log file
  • Window position and size will now be remembered
  • ATC routes are now displayed on flights
  • Ability to sort aircraft by number of flights
  • Button to reset the map orientation
  • Ability to change avatar on profile page
  • Aircraft registration will now be detected in XP11 using the livery name
  • Flights will now be paused when interacting with the P3D menus

fixes and changes

  • Flights starts immediately after a previous flight should now report a position immediately
  • Map never loading if there is no internet connection on startup
  • Launch Volanta on login checkbox should now work correctly
  • Fields such as callsign, flight number, etc. will now resize based on input
  • Improved logging behaviour
  • Multiple entries for the same X-Plane installation should no longer show
  • Improved map performance and memory usage once fully loaded
  • Airport leaderboard entries are now linked to user profiles
  • Map setting states are now displayed accordingly to the current page
  • Flight lists are now consistent throughout the app
  • Icons for landings are now always removed after leaving the flight page
  • Back button on aircraft should now go back to the correct page
  • Flight time now has correct rounding (xx:60 will no longer be displayed)
  • Rebalanced icon and path colours to increase visibility

Author: Ray

I have been an avid aviation enthusiast for about eight years since I first started using FSX. Apart from flying in the sims (now X-Plane 11 and MSFS) I enjoy reading about aviation through the many periodicals and books available. I live in South Yorkshire in the northern half of the UK.

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