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Pacific Islands Simulation Shares Details About New Reno-Tahoe 2.0 Update

Pacific Islands Simulation’s scenery, Reno-Tahoe Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon receive a major update bringing it to the latest standards. The version 2.0 of the scenery will feature a number of notable improvements from the previous version dating back to August 2021. Via Facebook post, the developer shared a list of major changes.

In the 2.0 version, the developer will adjust the runways’ designations to new 35L/R-17L/R and 08-26. The concourses will receive corrected height and new textures with the use of PBR maps with more true-to-life color. The taxiway will get new ground grunge texturing as well as new textures for the centerlines. The lighting will also get updated; inside the terminal, the lighting will be adjusted to match the real-life lighting, and wigwag lights will be added at the holding points.

The developer will create a new custom animation model for jetways, including box-numbered stands for jetway rotundas, and add new ground support equipment for airliners. The AI ground traffic will receive an update to no longer cross runways and taxiways randomly.

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Within the airport vicinity, the developer will add a lot of custom buildings such as car dealerships, warehouses, shops, schools, and hotels. The developer will also add three famous landmarks: the Renown Hospital, the Veteran’s Hospital, and the Ramada Hotel. The downtown surrounding the airport will get new night lighting textures.

Reno-Tahoe International Airport is situated approximately 3 miles southeast of downtown Reno, Nevada, serving as a crucial transportation hub for the region. Positioned at the crossroads of major highways and close to the stunning Lake Tahoe, the airport caters to domestic and international travelers.

Pacific Islands Simulation promised to release the new update this month, yet has yet to announce whether the update will be free of charge. Nevada, where Reno-Tahoe is located in Nevada, is a state with beautiful nature great for VFR bush flying; if you would love to do such a flight, check out the review of a great bush plane, ATSimulations AN-2.

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