24.12.2022 – 14:48z

Parallel 42 Has Released Flow for MSFS

Parallel 42 has released “Flow” for Microsoft Flight Simulator a few days ago. They announced this with a post on their official Twitter account.

So we say goodbye to the poorly designed standard toolbar. The studio’s brand-new product, “Flow”, is easy to navigate and makes all field settings much more accessible. Flow comes in three different versions at different prices: Flow, Flow Essential, and Flow Pro. All three versions offer a full replacement for the simulator’s toolbar.

Parallel 42 ensures that even the most basic and free version of “Flow” has a bunch of useful features. With a few clicks, you can access all standard or third-party menus of your addons, such as Navigraph or GSX.

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If you decide to upgrade to Flow Essential or Flow Pro, you will immediately notice the unlimited possibilities of the addon. Examples are the direct multiplayer server change, the airport weather check, and the time change options.

With Flow Pro, programming enthusiasts with a basic knowledge of JavaScript can program custom scripts for anything they want. And for those who aren’t into coding, scripts created by others can be downloaded.

Parallel 42 says Flow for XBOX and Marketplace is in the works, but for now, the three versions of “Flow” are available on Orbx’s official site. You can buy them here at prices of €14 and €25 for Flow Essential and Flow Pro, the basic version will be free of charge.

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Learn more about “Flow” in a previous FSNews article.

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